Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Drastic Change

My fellow followers and active members of my blog, 

I know that your desire for reviewing mountain is still vivid and constant for more interesting facts about our mother nature and our beautiful planet we call home, however, I am going to make a drastic change in my blog and I hope that you, my followers, my inspiration, accept my new idea in the world of blogging. 

The change is simple but drastic: I am going to start writing about anything and everything, about the highlights of the week, whether it is very important news, a very interesting fact, or a review of something in specific. In my opinion this would make this site a more diverse and broader blog, which will not consist only one topic but several topics. The point intended is to inform and educate you, my admirers. You are welcome. 

Now, with no further talking, let's get into business. 

This week’s blog is going to consist of soccer, my favorite sport and the one that I have been following throughout my life. But specifically, this week I am going to write about the match that occurred at Anfield, Liverpool this last Thursday. The match was stunning and consisted of a lot of tension from not only the fans but also the players. The game was Liverpool vs. Dortmund, a match that was expected to be very active.

Liverpool produced one of the great Anfield comebacks to beat Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League quarterfinal.

Dejan Lovren's header secured an incredible 4-3 victory on the night, and secured the Reds (Liverpool) their place in the last four after one of the most stunning games of football you could wish to see.


  1. your blog needed this drastic change

  2. Is your only follower and active member Mark? You can just refer to him as Mark you know.... Anyways I do have to agree it was a great and exhilarating game. It was surprising that Joe Allen missed out but it was a great win for Liverpool.

  3. I'm happy to see you are making this change and liverpools comeback is one of the greatest of all time.